Affirm Journal of Theory in Marketing

Marketing has gone beyond the boundaries of introducing products to potential customers. It is a scientific field with many scientific and critical perspectives. Affirm Journal of Theory in Marketing is an international and peer-reviewed academic journal that aims at dissemination of knowledge concerning marketing theories and their scientific perspectives. The specialized and intercontinental peer-reviewers of the journal attempt to ascertain the quality of published articles in the Affirm Journal of Theory in Marketing. At Affirm Journal of Theory in Marketing, we are well aware that a lack of Marketing theory has resulted in challenges for researchers and management practitioners. Affirm Journal of Theory in Marketing is specifically theory-driven and aims at working as an outlet for researchers to present robust academic articles. Affirm Journal of Theory in Marketing encourages authors to submit both conceptual and empirical papers.

Scope and Focus

Advertisement in Marketing
Customer Behavior,
Consumer behavior
Customer engagement
Developments in Marketing Theory
Methodological debates in marketing theory,
Marketing Strategies,
Macro-Marketing Strategies
Micro Marketing Strategies
Online Marketing Strategies
Product Development
Social Media Marketing
Theoretical marketing,

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Abstracting and Indexing

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