Affirm Journal of Interactive Marketing

Marketing has undergone drastic changes in recent years. One aspect of marketing that is affected through new forms of online marketing is the interaction between the sellers and consumers. Affirm Journal of Interactive Marketing is an international and peer-reviewed journal that aims at disseminating the latest research findings concerning the interactions between producers, sellers, and customers. The particular focus of the Affirm Journal of Interactive Marketing is on interactive marketing with particular attention to both online and offline topics. Thus, leading and high-quality research papers relevant to theories, concepts, and methodologies in interactive marking are welcomed.

Scope and Focus

Big data analytics
Multichannel and online retail strategy
Online advertising
Web Analytics
Browsing and buying behavior
E-service and self-service technology
Customer relationship management
Strategic use of IT
Social media marketing
Social media monitoring
Social network analysis
Mobile marketing
Search engine marketing
Influence/viral marketing
User-generated content
Privacy, trust and ethical issues
Dynamic pricing
Recommendation systems
Interactive B2B marketing
Customer journey analysis and marketing
Targeted advertising and promotions
Content customization
Content marketing
Customer engagement
Online customer behavior
Online Content Analysis
Marketing analytics

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Abstracting and Indexing

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