Affirm Journal of Genetics

Affirm Journal of Genetics is a leading international journal with a mission to enhance the knowledge and practice of medical genetics. Affirm Journal of Genetics has a look at timely, innovative, practice-focused papers in contemporary genetics medicine. At Affirm Journal of Genetics, we value the genetic findings and wish to encourage physicians to apply the changes to their medical practices. We understand that academic publishing has undergone enormous changes which have not always been for the better. To avoid malpractices in this regard, we expect the researchers to abide rules of conducting ethical research. The accredited editorial board of Affirm Journal of Genetics will have a close look at every single manuscript sent to the Affirm Journal of Genetics and are sensitive to issues such as ghostwriting, unethical research practices, and inscrutable research reports. Affirm Journal of genetics abides Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing suggested by The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA), and Scopus.

Scope and Focus

Chromosome abnormalities,
Metabolic diseases,
Single gene disorders,
Genetic susceptibility to common complex diseases,
Public health genetics and screening,
Genetic counseling,
Informatics and database development and management,
Genetics and the law,
Human medical genetics.
Gene expression;
Mutation detection and analysis;
Linkage analysis and genetic mapping;
Physical mapping;
Cytogenetics and genomic imaging;
Genome structure and organization;
Disease association studies;
Molecular diagnostics;
Genetic epidemiology;
Evolutionary genetics;
Developmental genetics;
Genotype-phenotype relationships;
Molecular genetics of tumorigenesis;
Genetics of complex diseases and epistatic interactions;
Ethical, legal, and social issues and bioinformatics.
Gene cloning and mapping,
Mutational analysis,
Cancer genetics,
Gene therapy,

Editor in chief


Abstracting and Indexing

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