Affirm Journal of Computational Molecular Bioscience

Affirm Journal of Computational Molecular Bioscience is an international and peer-reviewed journal with an intercontinental advisory board. The journal documents the professional’s interest in any areas that connect to computational molecular bioscience. The focus of the journal is on theories and practice in development, testing and applications to biomolecular systems, computational modelling of biomolecular structures interactions and processes, molecular visualizations and data analysis, multilevel computational simulations, atomistic and coarse grained molecular dynamics, and molecular mechanics. The editorial board of the Affirm Journal of Computational Molecular Bioscience invites authors to submit original papers, empirical studies, case studies and review papers to the journal. At Affirm Journal of Computational Molecular Bioscience, we expect the authors to abide Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing suggested by The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA), and Scopus.

Scope and Focus

Ab Initio and Density Functional Calculations of Biomolecules
Atomistic and Coarse Grained Molecular Dynamics
Combined Computational and Experimental Studies of Biomolecular Interactions
Combined Quantum Mechanical and Molecular Mechanical Methods (QM/MM)
Computational Chemistry of Biomolecules, Ligands and Drugs
Computational Drug Design: Structure-Based; Ligand-Based; Rational; De Novo
Computational Modelling of Biomolecular Structures Interactions and Processes
Computational Systems Biology and Chemistry
Development and Applications of Monte Carlo Methods
Development and Design of New Biological and Chemical Databases and Data Mining Techniques
Development, Testing and Applications to Biomolecular Systems
Enzymatic Reaction Mechanisms and Inhibition
High Performance Computing in Molecular and Biomolecular Sciences
Ligand Binding and Free Energy Calculations
Modelling of Membrane Processes and Protein-Membrane Interactions
Modelling Protein Structure
Molecular Mechanics
Molecular Visualizations and Data Analysis
Multilevel Computational Simulations
Nucleic Acids Structure
Protein Folding
Protein Ligand Docking New Algorithm, Codes and Applications
Protein-Nucleic Acids Interactions
Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships (QSAR)
Semiempirical Electronic Structure Calculations
Structural Bioinformatics and Homology Modelling

Editor in chief

Dr. Loghman

Abstracting and Indexing

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